illustration of an imaginary room full of new paintings, emerging from behind a smartphone screen being held up in the real-world museum gallery

Let your audience meet the lesser-known people and histories that have never made it onto very limited gallery space. Finally! Your exhibits on can be as spacious as you’d like. Then you need only prompt your visitors where to point their phones. They’ll be reading or listening instantly: no searching the app store, no downloads get in the way.

Digital stories also travel with your guests. Create a small prompt for young visitors as they depart: challenge them to open their phone for a secret history and read it aloud while the family drives home. What became of the protagonist years later? How far flung are her descendants today?

We propose that the content that people can take with them deepens their engagement with your institution. They are giving you a bit more of their personal time, and your org gains more of their admiration as a source of trusted information and delight.

Whose stories aren’t you telling right now?

The industry is grappling with the need to awaken readers to more complicated narratives. These are the women who have been unwittingly erased. This is the heroism and endurance of people of color who form the broad foundation of our country. is a powerful opportunity to start a more inclusive collection.

You can do it this year.

Do you have great interpretive content already, waiting on the shelf? auut studio can help you activate it in a new medium. You could be serving it in a matter of weeks, not months or years!

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