a person's hand holds up a mobile phone in front of a stone monument, on the phone's screen is a desciption of the ship being honored, the Kanrin Maru from Japan

If you are investigating the idea of building a self-guided tour, definitely do the research on the many, many options.

Lots of firms or developers can program an iPhone/Android app—but only if you have a five-figure budget. You will also need internal capacity to manage the software development for several months, plus the submission and approval process for the two major app stores.

What is often left unsaid is the debugging that your apps will need (routinely) as Apple and Android release major upgrades to their OS.

Honestly, we prefer to keep it simple.

We are expert crafters of walking-tour apps using the open source solution called Curatescape — a platform now in use by over 50 major cultural institutions. Curatescape is software that arranges a series of stories (or artifacts) as stops along a tour. The presentation is formatted perfectly on a mobile screen, with intuitive buttons and an interactive map.

The results from Curatescape look good out of the box, but we customize them further so your app stands out, like your organization. Any smartphone can view the mobile tour, so you are not beholden to the specialized code of a phone manufacturer.

two iPhones showing an exhibit on the screen that seems to be about the Vietnam WarWe’ve gotten quite good at the mobile design. Within a single day, we can have the software tailored to your brand. Within a week, it could be a working prototype of the tour you wanted to create. We’ll finish the production (and we’ll show you how to edit it too).

auut studio knows the hurdle is not just the extra budget, but also the internal energy it takes to get a bold new project off the ground. So we’ve learned how to trim down both. Working with us is a sigh of relief.

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