illustration of an imaginary room full of new paintings, emerging from behind a smartphone screen being held up in the real-world museum gallery

NEW IN 2021: Storybauut is a bundling our design time + web-based software as a new Keep It Simple solution that will drastically reduce the price for using interactive screens in your next exhibit.

Our studio will lead you through a set of templates to sketch out your content (and imagine new ways of presenting it). After a quick design meeting, we will customize the kiosk software to your spec. Iterate, iterate… until polished and done.

In keeping with our commitment to open standards, this software is written in regular HTML5 and Javascript, which means you are not locked into any vendor for next time: your written content is a text file that can be read by any web browser in the world.

animated gif showing a touchscreen monitor whose screen is changing

We developed four deeply-interactive kiosks for the Dayton International Peace Museum: each with interpretive panels, stories, videos, sound effects, and irresistible maps. These run on $500 off-the-shelf PCs.
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